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Happy Halloween with the New Orleans Horror Film Festival

This Saturday we’re celebrating Halloween at the New Orleans Horror Film Festival. Screening at the historic Inn on Bourbon, Mayo will leave it’s mark on Saturday, 10/29 at 6:00 PM. And keep your eyes peeled for our next LA screening on November 11th at the Valley Film Festival, where we share a double bill with [...]

Four Festivals! Four Weeks! Four Time Zones!

That’s four chances for you to Hold The Mayo! The screenings page will be updated shortly as actual screen dates and times are posted, but if you’re looking for a chance to witness the gory glory of Mayo, here’s where you’ll find it:   October 22: Knoxville, TN The Knoxville Horror Film Festival   [...]

Sydney Underground Film Festival – September 8-11

The international premiere of Hold The Mayo is set, we’ve been accepted into the Sydney Underground Film Festival! This year’s festival runs from September 8-11 (or for you Aussies, 8-11 September). SUFF is an annual festival that is dedicated to promoting unique, independent, experimental, provocative and uncompromising films… we qualify for at least 3 of those [...]

Review from AICN:Horror

We just got a great write-up on Ain’t It Cool News today! Thanks to Mark L Miller (AKA Ambush Bug) for the kind words!   “This short film had me rolling. HOLD THE MAYO is an exceptionally well made little film clocking in at around 5 minutes long. Director / writer Jeffrey Williams does a [...]

The happiest film festival rejection I’ve ever had!

Hold The Mayo is having an extraordinary festival run. Today was the second time we’ve received a rejection notice from a festival. This festival (which shall remain nameless) offered rejected filmmakers some feedback on why their film was not chosen to participate. This was the first piece “constructive criticism” that was offered: Hold the May [...]

FEST WRAPUP – Dances With Films 14

We’d like to take a moment and thank the festival organizers of Dances With Films. Leslee, Michael, and Robert pulled together another terrific festival this year. Thanks, you guys, for a terrific experience. DWF was the first choice for the Hold The Mayo world premiere & we’re proud to have your laurels on the top [...]

ACCEPTED: Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

We are excited to announce that Hold The Mayo has been accepted into this year’s Santa Fe Independent Film Festival! The festival runs from October 19-23 this year. Schedules have not been released, but you’ve got plenty of time to make your travel plans now! I will be attending – since my wife and I [...]

July 1 – Screening at New Filmmakers/NYC

Hold The Mayo was just accepted into the summer 2011 festival of New Filmmakers New York. We’ll be screening Friday, July 1 at 7:00 PM, at the Anthology Film Archives. More details as they emerge!

Our first press!

Our first press! Eagle Rock Patch describes the neighborhood roots of Hold The Mayo in this story: ‘Hold The Mayo’—Comedy and Horror in Eagle Rock

Detroit-Windsor International Film Festival

Hold The Mayo is proud to announce that we will be screening at the 3rd Annual Detroit-Windsor International Film Festival. The festival runs from June 22-26, and we will post screening times & info as soon as it becomes available! Detroit-Windsor International Film Festival