FEST WRAPUP – Dances With Films 14

We’d like to take a moment and thank the festival organizers of Dances With Films. Leslee, Michael, and Robert pulled together another terrific festival this year. Thanks, you guys, for a terrific experience. DWF was the first choice for the Hold The Mayo world premiere & we’re proud to have your laurels on the top of our press kit. They are one of the most filmmaker-friendly fests to attend. Their ‘no stars, no bullshit’ policy brings together a diverse and dedicated ¬†group of filmmakers; and only screening one program at a time to maximize audience attendance means packed houses at every screening.

I was fortunate to meet many cool new people, and see a lot of inspiring films. (I also saw the Single Worst Short Film I Have Seen In Years, but that shall remain nameless for now. If I happen to see it at another festival, I might attend the screening with a gallon of gasoline and a lighter.)

To Greg and the rest of the guys who made The Aristocrat, I really did get pulled over on the way to your screening. So sorry I missed you, hope to see you on the festival trail again!

Other favorites included Pony Rides Are For Girls and¬†Behave. The biggest shout-out goes to Joe McClean and his educational film How To Make A David Lynch Film. He was kind enough to share it on the internet, and it’s well worth checking out before he comes to his senses. This film was a runner up for two festival prizes, and it was well-deserved.

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