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Hello, Mayo-nauts! It’s a long, hot summer of Mayonnaise, and new festival screening dates are popping up all the time. Check out the screenings page here, and be sure to follow us on Facebook as well:


Happy Halloween with the New Orleans Horror Film Festival

This Saturday we’re celebrating Halloween at the New Orleans Horror Film Festival.

Screening at the historic Inn on Bourbon, Mayo will leave it’s mark on Saturday, 10/29 at 6:00 PM. And keep your eyes peeled for our next LA screening on November 11th at the Valley Film Festival, where we share a double bill with Hold The Mayo star Damian Samuel’s short film Fish!


New Orleans Horror Film Festival
Date: October 29, 2011
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: The Inn on Bourbon, New Orleans, LA
Website: http://www.neworleanshorrorfilmfestival.com/
Tickets: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/201997

Four Festivals! Four Weeks! Four Time Zones!

That’s four chances for you to Hold The Mayo!

The screenings page will be updated shortly as actual screen dates and times are posted, but if you’re looking for a chance to witness the gory glory of Mayo, here’s where you’ll find it:


October 22: Knoxville, TN

The Knoxville Horror Film Festival



October 22: Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival


October 28: New Orleans, LA

The New Orleans Horror Film Festival


November 11-13: Sherman Oaks, CA

The Valley Film Festival



Atlanta Shortsfest – Screening September 8-10

Howdy, y’all! Fans of Hold The Mayo should brush up on their southern accents because we’re screening in the Atlanta Shortsfest on September 8th and 10th!

The Second Annual Atlanta Shortsfest celebrates a diverse mix of ultra-talented filmmakers from all over the world who create unforgettable short films under 40 minutes.

Atlanta Shortsfest will showcase short comedy, animation, documentary, experimental, horror & sci-fi, personal, erotic, fantasy, drama, thrillers, action & adventure, cult and just about any other genre you can imagine.

More information about our program, and a link to purchase tickets can be found here:


I believe we’re also cued up for the Atlanta Horror film festival the following weekend, and the Atlanta Underground film festival the weekend after that. So if you live in Hotlanta, that’s 3 big chances to catch Hold The Mayo! More importantly, it’s a heck of a good reason to explore the new Goat Farm Arts Center and dine at the reasonably near-by Miller Union, which has the greatest appetizer in the history of food.

Sydney Underground Film Festival – September 8-11

The international premiere of Hold The Mayo is set, we’ve been accepted into the Sydney Underground Film Festival! This year’s festival runs from September 8-11 (or for you Aussies, 8-11 September). SUFF is an annual festival that is dedicated to promoting unique, independent, experimental, provocative and uncompromising films… we qualify for at least 3 of those 5.

Looking forward to the fest!

Festival website is here: http://suff.com.au/

Review from AICN:Horror

We just got a great write-up on Ain’t It Cool News today! Thanks to Mark L Miller (AKA Ambush Bug) for the kind words!


“This short film had me rolling. HOLD THE MAYO is an exceptionally well made little film clocking in at around 5 minutes long. Director / writer Jeffrey Williams does a fantastic job with a simple concept…”


Read the rest here:


The happiest film festival rejection I’ve ever had!

Hold The Mayo is having an extraordinary festival run. Today was the second time we’ve received a rejection notice from a festival. This festival (which shall remain nameless) offered rejected filmmakers some feedback on why their film was not chosen to participate.

This was the first piece “constructive criticism” that was offered:

Hold the May [sic] is about what happens when a sandwich shop employee mayos the wrong sandwich… This film seemed needlessly gory– just for the sake of it– and might turn off some audience members. The killer did a great job in his portrayal of a psychopathic villain.

Needlessly gory? That’s not a critique, that’s a compliment! What about judge #2?

This film was gruesomely violent and nonsensical. The use of violence was gratuitous, and did not help tell the story. The acting, however, was strong, as was the camera work.

Gratuitous violence, strong acting, and strong camera work… are you sure this is a rejection notice? What did judge #3 have to say?

the graphic scenes of violence and cannibalism may be too gruesome for all but the staunchest horror fans.

What? That’s their reason to pass on a short film? That’s a reason to run to the theater! We don’t recall submitting to Grandma Mabel’s Polite Lace Doily Festival Of Documentaries About Using Proper Postage. Take a look at the press page and guess what’s my leadoff blurb, there isn’t higher praise than that!

I’ve never been happier to get rejected from a film festival. From day one, my primary goal for Hold The Mayo was to proverbially “go too far.” Love it or hate it was the goal, and I couldn’t be more excited to hear that my film was unwatchably gruesome. So thank you, nameless film festival… all of the fests who are screening Hold The Mayo appreciate you.









FEST WRAPUP – Dances With Films 14

We’d like to take a moment and thank the festival organizers of Dances With Films. Leslee, Michael, and Robert pulled together another terrific festival this year. Thanks, you guys, for a terrific experience. DWF was the first choice for the Hold The Mayo world premiere & we’re proud to have your laurels on the top of our press kit. They are one of the most filmmaker-friendly fests to attend. Their ‘no stars, no bullshit’ policy brings together a diverse and dedicated  group of filmmakers; and only screening one program at a time to maximize audience attendance means packed houses at every screening.

I was fortunate to meet many cool new people, and see a lot of inspiring films. (I also saw the Single Worst Short Film I Have Seen In Years, but that shall remain nameless for now. If I happen to see it at another festival, I might attend the screening with a gallon of gasoline and a lighter.)

To Greg and the rest of the guys who made The Aristocrat, I really did get pulled over on the way to your screening. So sorry I missed you, hope to see you on the festival trail again!

Other favorites included Pony Rides Are For Girls and Behave. The biggest shout-out goes to Joe McClean and his educational film How To Make A David Lynch Film. He was kind enough to share it on the internet, and it’s well worth checking out before he comes to his senses. This film was a runner up for two festival prizes, and it was well-deserved.

ACCEPTED: Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

We are excited to announce that Hold The Mayo has been accepted into this year’s Santa Fe Independent Film Festival!

The festival runs from October 19-23 this year. Schedules have not been released, but you’ve got plenty of time to make your travel plans now! I will be attending – since my wife and I eloped there, it’s a given that we’ll be back.

July 1 – Screening at New Filmmakers/NYC

Hold The Mayo was just accepted into the summer 2011 festival of New Filmmakers New York.

We’ll be screening Friday, July 1 at 7:00 PM, at the Anthology Film Archives. More details as they emerge!

Our first press!

Our first press! Eagle Rock Patch describes the neighborhood roots of Hold The Mayo in this story:
‘Hold The Mayo’—Comedy and Horror in Eagle Rock